Personesia, is a geographical area, which includes Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman.

Etymology Edit

Personesia, is made up of two words Persian and Nesia, and it means Persian Islands, but, all of countries in this area aren't Persian nor islands.

Personesian countriesEdit

Country refers to Macro-nations, and some macronations have a coastline in Personesia.

List of Personesian Countries Edit

  • Iran (has coastline in both gulfs)
  • Oman (has coastline in only Gulf of Oman)
  • UAE (has coastline only in Persian Gulf)
  • Saudi Arabia (has coastline only in Persian Gulf)
  • Qatar (has only coastline in Persian Gulf)
  • Kuwait (has only coastline in Persian Gulf)

Island Countries in Personesia Edit

  • Bahrain (A little island country, which was seceded from Iran in 1971)

Micronationalism in Personesia Edit

  • Hasanistan (Islands in Bahrain)
  • Sorrenia (some lands in UAE).

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