Africa is a continent, neighbor of Asia and Europe. Some African countries, like Egypt have Asian and European neighbors at once. Some of them have European neighbors (From Mediterranean sea or Stair of Gibraltar), like Morocco. But, there are some issues, and those make Africa Paradise of Micronations.

What makes Africa a paradise?

You may think Africa is a poor continent and has a hot climate. Yes, it is poor and has hot climate, but there is a lot of other things which makes it a paradise.

  • Independence Movements : A lot of ethnic groups live in Africa, and A lot of them want independence from states. For example, Amazigh people in Morocco or Bantu people in South Africa. Why are they useful? You're not alone in Africa, and you can get help a lot!
  • Successful New Countries : The best example is South Sudan. They could take their right from Sudan's government, because they were Christian and of course, Islamic laws aren't suitable for Christian especially Sudanese ones!
  • Terra Nullius : The Terra Nullius of Bir Tawil is too famous in micro world. Because it had been claimed more than one million times, and micronationalists will claim it every day! Don't forget, there's no chance of statehood if you claim Bir Tawil.
  • Organizations : Africa has organizations for Independentist entities like Western Sahara or Somaliland. The best example is OEAS, "Organization of Emerging African States".
  • Unstable Governments : This is the point! African governments (except one or two) are too unstable, and a lot of chance of statehood!
  • Famous Micronations : Fifth world nations exist in Africa for years. Kingdom of Biffeche and United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago "UMMOA" are the best examples of fifth world African nations.

You read above 6 items, about what made Africa a paradise. I will write another article about organizations and how to join them.


Muhammadreza I, Emperor of Schalamzaar.