Greetings, all micronationalists of the world.

OUES, officially Organization of United Emerging States is an international (not inter-micronational or micronational) organization, which helps micronations to be de facto, de jure or UN recognized states. Current members are Kingdom of New Cantabria, Archland Empire, Schalamzaar Empire, Republic of Marland, Independent Province of Mancunia and United Islands of Iltirur. All of these nations are territorial or future-projects. For example, New Cantabria and Schalamzaar are new-country-projects or alternative governments, or United Islands of Iltirur is a future project, and has programs to make artificial islands in Latin America.

Flag of OUES

OUES claims itself as a smaller UN, but it has a difference with UN. All countries can join UN, but OUES implemented limitations for memberships. For example, No communist nations are allowed (this is offered by Rex Paulus I, King of New Cantabria). Also, This is imperial-based union, etc.

OUES has its own wiki and people can read more and better information there.